Wednesday, May 17, 2006

CONGRESSMAN'S CONDO DEAL at the center of corruption probe -- NYT reports that Rep. Mollohan formed a partnership with a bankrupt relative, Joseph Jarvis to purchase condo units in a D.C. building:
The Remington is one of three of Mr. Mollohan's real estate deals under scrutiny. The others are $2 million in beach property in North Carolina that he bought with the director of another earmark-dependent nonprofit he created, and a $900,000 farm purchased with a friend whose company got several federal contracts based on his earmarks.

Mr. Mollohan refused repeated requests to discuss the Remington and Mr. Jarvis, with a spokesman saying he was still compiling "documents necessary to answer questions" about his real estate transactions. Among the issues are why Mr. Mollohan and his wife borrowed $2.3 million from a bank on the same day in 1999 that they and the Jarvises loaned the partnership the same amount — both using the condominiums as collateral — and why these loans were not listed on the congressman's financial disclosure forms.