Thursday, July 06, 2006


Western Union has blocked scores of wire transfers on terrorist finance suspicions based on the names of senders and recipients, the company disclosed.

According to WSJ Law Blog, the options timing scandal has cost Mercury Interactive $70 million in legal fees.

Prosecutors have sent a letter to Judge Kaplan objecting to his harsh tone in slapping the government for pressure KPMG to cut off their employee-defendants' legal fees.

TPMMuckraker summarizes the Vanity Fair summary of the Duke Cunningham scandal.

A lobbying firm at the center of an ongoing corruption probe against Rep. Jerry Lewis underreported its income by about $1.3 million. TPM wants credit for the scoop.

In Nashville, two corrupt cops were indicted for faking a traffic stop and ripping off a drug dealer.

A Maryland accountant denied allegations he conspired with county officials to obtain a $250,000 bribe.

An FBI consultant was able to hack into the law enforcement agency's classified computer system with little difficulty.

It's back to jail for Barry Bonds's trainer, after he refused to testify to a federal grand jury investigating Bonds for perjury.

Three people have been charged with corporate espionage after they allegedly stole Coca-Cola secrets and attempted to sell them to Pepsi.